History of the LifePlan™ & Tom Patterson

Designed by Tom Paterson, LifePlanning is a proven, spiritually and behaviorally sound process designed to help you discover your unique design, clarify your life mission, and apply your discoveries to your personal, family, vocation, church and community life domains.

LifePlans™ have been facilitated with top executives, ministry leaders, those in business and in ministry at all levels, and with college graduates—helping them maneuver through the crossroads of life and discover how to discern God’s path for them, how to better balance their personal and work lives, and how to be more effective by learning where and how to invest who they are into the life they were created to live.

“God has a plan for your life,” says Tom. “In creating who you are, God simultaneously built into your life what you’re to do. When you discover his intent—and fully embrace his design, his plan, his master-thought for you—you will be able to live the life you were meant to live.”

The LifePlan™ process very likely will bring you into an even greater awareness of your giftedness and your life’s purpose. It is also a process that culminates in the creation of a working plan—an action plan, a response plan—that will carry you from your new levels of self-discovery to very practical applications in each of the five domains of your life: personal, family, vocation, church, and community.